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san jose game results for the 2014 season.

4-22-14vs LOS ANGELES4-3W0, -120W5O
4-20-14vs LOS ANGELES7-2W0, -140W5O
4-17-14vs LOS ANGELES6-3W0, -135W4.5O
4-12-14vs PHOENIX3-2W0, 115W5.5U
4-11-14vs COLORADO5-1W0, -190W5.5O
4-9-14vs ANAHEIM2-5L0, 100L5.5O
4-5-14vs NASHVILLE0-3L0, -270L5.5U
4-3-14vs LOS ANGELES2-1W0, -170W5U
4-1-14vs EDMONTON5-4W0, -315W5.5O
3-29-14vs COLORADO2-3L0, 100L5.5U
3-27-14vs WINNIPEG3-4L0, -230L5.5O
3-25-14vs EDMONTON5-2W0, 145W5.5O
3-24-14vs CALGARY1-2L0, 155L5.5U
3-22-14vs WASHINGTON2-3L0, -195L5.5U
3-20-14vs ANAHEIM3-2W0, -160W5.5U
3-18-14vs FLORIDA2-3L0, -325L5.5U
3-16-14vs NY RANGERS1-0W0, -105W5.5U
3-14-14vs NY ISLANDERS4-3W0, 150W5.5O
3-13-14vs COLUMBUS4-3W0, 110W5.5O
3-11-14vs TORONTO6-2W0, -240W5.5O
3-8-14vs MONTREAL4-0W0, -200W5.5U
3-6-14vs PITTSBURGH5-3W0, -150W5.5O
3-4-14vs CAROLINA2-3L0, -225L5.5U
3-2-14vs NEW JERSEY4-2W0, 120W5O
2-28-14vs BUFFALO2-4L0, 180L5O
2-27-14vs PHILADELPHIA7-3W0, 105W5.5O
2-7-14vs COLUMBUS3-2W0, -180W5.5U
2-5-14vs DALLAS2-1W0, -170W5.5U
2-3-14vs PHILADELPHIA2-5L0, -190L5.5O
2-1-14vs CHICAGO2-1W0, -105W5.5U
1-30-14vs CALGARY1-4L0, 125L5.5U
1-29-14vs EDMONTON0-3L0, 150L5.5U
1-27-14vs LOS ANGELES0-1L0, -145L5U
1-25-14vs MINNESOTA3-2W0, -210W5P
1-23-14vs WINNIPEG1-0W0, -200W5.5U
1-20-14vs CALGARY3-2W0, -270W5.5U
1-18-14vs TAMPA BAY5-4W0, -105W5.5O
1-16-14vs FLORIDA3-0W0, 130W5.5U
1-14-14vs WASHINGTON2-1W0, 120W5.5U
1-11-14vs BOSTON0-1L0, -145L5.5U
1-9-14vs DETROIT4-1W0, -180W5.5U
1-7-14vs NASHVILLE2-3L0, 120L5.5U
1-5-14vs CHICAGO3-2W0, -165W6U
1-4-14vs COLORADO3-4L0, 115L5.5O
1-2-14vs EDMONTON5-1W0, -255W5.5O
12-31-13vs ANAHEIM3-6L0, -120L5.5O
12-29-13vs ANAHEIM3-1W0, -165W5.5U
12-27-13vs PHOENIX4-3W0, 115W5.5O
12-23-13vs COLORADO5-4W0, -180W5O
12-21-13vs DALLAS3-2W0, -200W6U
12-19-13vs LOS ANGELES1-4L0, -125L5P
12-17-13vs ST LOUIS4-2W0, 100W5.5O
12-14-13vs NASHVILLE2-3L0, 140L5P
12-12-13vs MINNESOTA3-1W0, -210W5U
12-10-13vs NY ISLANDERS2-3L0, -320L5.5U
12-8-13vs MINNESOTA1-3L0, 110L5U
12-6-13vs CAROLINA3-5L0, 150L5.5O
12-5-13vs PITTSBURGH1-5L0, -105L5.5O
12-3-13vs TORONTO4-2W0, 160W5.5O
11-30-13vs ANAHEIM4-3W0, -205W5O
11-29-13vs ST LOUIS6-3W0, -115W5.5O
11-27-13vs LOS ANGELES3-2W0, -160W5P
11-23-13vs NEW JERSEY2-1W0, -220W5U
11-21-13vs TAMPA BAY5-1W0, -230W5.5O
11-17-13vs CHICAGO1-5L0, -115L5.5O
11-15-13vs EDMONTON3-1W0, 155W5.5U
11-14-13vs VANCOUVER2-1W0, 100W5U
11-12-13vs CALGARY3-2W0, 150W5.5U
11-10-13vs WINNIPEG4-5L0, 140L5.5O
11-7-13vs VANCOUVER2-4L0, -165L5.5O
11-5-13vs BUFFALO4-5L0, -430L5.5O
11-2-13vs PHOENIX2-3L0, -185L5.5U
10-30-13vs LOS ANGELES3-4L0, 125L5O
10-27-13vs OTTAWA5-2W0, -125W5.5O
10-26-13vs MONTREAL2-0W0, 105W5.5U
10-24-13vs BOSTON1-2L0, -105L5U
10-21-13vs DETROIT1-0W0, 105W5.5U
10-19-13vs CALGARY6-3W0, -285W5.5O
10-17-13vs DALLAS3-4L0, 150L5.5O
10-15-13vs ST LOUIS6-2W0, -130W5.5O
10-12-13vs OTTAWA3-2W0, -180W5.5U
10-10-13vs VANCOUVER4-1W0, 100W5.5U
10-8-13vs NY RANGERS9-2W0, -165W5O
10-5-13vs PHOENIX4-1W0, -145W5.5U
10-3-13vs VANCOUVER4-1W0, -135W5P

ATS Team's final result against the spread
Date Date the game was played
For Points scored by the team
L Loss (versus the spread or straight up)
Line Closing line
O Games which went over the total
P Push - games which finished exactly on the total
Score Game's final score (team-opponent)
SU Team's final result straight up
T Ties (versus the spread or straight up)
Tot. Closing total
U Games which went under the total
W Win (versus the spread or straight up)