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Frequently Asked Questions
NFL Tournament of Champions III

How do I qualify for the TOURNAMENT of CHAMPIONS?
Here are the ways that you can qualify for the end of the season TOURNAMENT of CHAMPIONS.

  • (14) Top players of the WEEK (Weeks 1-14)
  • (5) Top 5 players with the MOST TOTAL POINTS thru out the season.
  • (1) 1 player with the MOST TOTAL POINTS on 7 STAR selections.
  • (9) Top 9 players with the TOP ATS% (MIN 60 SELECTIONS)
  • (3) Top 3 players with the MOST TOTAL POINTS during WEEK #15.

    NOTE: Since a player can only qualify for the TOC once, if there are still spots remaining, players with the MOST TOTAL POINTS thru out the season will be selected until all 32 spots are filled.

When does the playoffs for the TOURNAMENT of CHAMPIONS start?
The playoffs for the TOURNAMENT of CHAMPIONS will start WEEK #16.

If I win more than once can I still collect the weekly prize?
YES. If you are good enough to win more than one week, will gladly give you the weekly first place prize.

If I win the weekly contest more than once do I get multiple entries into the Tournament of Champions?
NO. Once you get your entry into the year end TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS, you can't qualify again. The next HIGHEST ranked eligible user will then advance into the TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS.

When can I enter my selections?
You can start to make your selections after 12:00 PM (ET) on Tuesday.

When is the deadline to submit my selections?
The NORMAL deadline to enter your selections will be at 12:30 AM (ET) on Sunday morning. On weeks where there are earlier games, the deadline will be 30 minutes before kickoff.

Will I be able to see other user's selections?
Once the FINAL LOCK DOWN date & time has passed, all selections will become visible for all to see.

What line/point spread will be used to determine the ATS Spread?
Your point spread will be the point spread at the time you make your selection.

Can I have more than one user name in the contest?
You can only enter the contest one time. Anybody trying to enter and or play more than once will have all of their entries disqualified.

In the event of a tie what will determine the winner?
If two or more entries have the same amount of point at the end of the week the following procedure will be used to break ties.

  • Closest to Monday Night TOTAL SCORE *
  • Closest to Monday Night HOME TEAM SCORE *
  • Closest to Monday Night ROAD TEAM SCORE *
  • More HIGHER RANKED selections
  • More STRAIGHT-UP Winners
    NOTE: When there is NO Monday Night game - DESINGATED TIE BREAKER GAME WILL BE USED

Can I change my selections after I have entered them into the contest?
Once your selection has been entered you have 15 minutes to remove it. Once it has been locked in, it can't be changed.

What happens if I only like 4 games that week? Must I play seven total games a week?
You don't have to play all seven games, but you don't lose points for a losing selection, so it will be in your best interest to pick all seven games plus the tie breaker.
There are also places in the Playoffs for best ATS percentage after a minimum number of selections have been reached so playing fewer games may help in that area.