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StatFox Free Stats - Setup Instructions
Thank you for registering for StatFox's free stat content offerings. Please follow the instructions below to integrate StatFeed content into your site. Setup is as easy as copying and pasting!

Feel free to choose any or all of the following information. The necessary code to display the content on your site is displayed in the boxes below. Copy and paste the code into the location where you want the reports placed on your web pages.
  1. Create a new web page which contains the standard look and navigational structure of your site. This page can be of virtually any format. (HTML, ASP, PHP, etc.) The content will fit into a frame and is controlled completely on the StatFox site. Therefore, regardless of the format of your pages, you will have no problems displaying the page.
  2. Copy the code listed in the box below. (Either type in Cntrl-C, on your keyboard, or select Copy from the Edit pulldown menu in your browser.)
  3. Paste the IFRAME tag into the code of your web page at the location within the file where you want the report to display. (Either type in Cntrl-V on your keyboard, or select Paste from the Edit pulldown menu in your web design software.) Note: The code must be placed within the body tags of your page! In addition, the entire code string between <iframe... And /iframe> must be included on your page.
StatFox Free Stats Offering - Code String
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Copy and paste the code string in the box above into your own web page.
If desired, you can change the cmpid= parameter to include your own affiliate code for and when users click on the advertising links the will be taken to the site using your affiliate id.
Please contact us if you need any assistance getting your code set up!