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DraftStreet.com college hoops $40,000 blowout
By: Staff Writer - StatFox
Published: 3/20/2014  at  5:00:00 AM
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DraftStreet.com College Basketball Survivor Contest

The latest DraftStreet.com Survivor contest runs for the first four days of the NCAA Tournament from March 20-23.

How does Survivor work? Itís simple. For each of the four days, you select a college basketball fantasy team of 3 guards, 3 forwards and 2 utility players that fit under the assigned salary cap of $100,000.

The buy-in is only $22, and you just need to finish in the top half of the standings to advance to the next day.

Day 1 (3/20): Top 1,000 of 2,000 entries advance

Day 2 (3/21): Top 500 of 1,000 entries advance

Day 3 (3/22): Top 250 of 500 entries advance

Day 4 (3/23): Final 250 play for $40,000 in prizes

The final standings will be determined by your final score on each day, and the overall winner will earn $10,000! Click HERE to enter this exciting contest offered by DraftStreet.com.

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