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Free 2017 StatFox Edge Tournament Guide
By: Staff Writer - StatFox
Published: 3/15/2017  at  9:34:00 AM
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Available now for free download now at is the 10th annual edition of the StatFox Edge College Basketball Tournament Handicapping Guide, the publication about which renowned oddsmaker Danny Sheridan proclaimed, “Anyone serious about their brackets or tournament handicapping should be sure to pick up a Tournament Guide from . . . nothing I’ve seen beats it.”

While it’s certainly great to have such a respected handicapper as Mr. Sheridan singing our praises, our past results are what speak most loudly. The StatFox Forecaster came through in 2010, nailing the eventual national champion Duke and doing so in a season where few pundits were expecting the Blue Devils to outlast such powerhouses as Kentucky and Kansas. As for 2011 . . . well, what can you say: There isn’t a trusted handicapping system on the planet that would’ve resulted in selecting a Final Four of third-seeded Connecticut, fourth-seeded Kentucky, eighth-seeded Butler and 11th-seeded Virginia Commonwealth. We chalked that one up as a aberration and in 2012 got back to our tried-and-true trusted methods of picking winners: Both our Outplay Factor and Power Rating systems nailed Kentucky as that year’s national champion. Both of those systems had Louisville reaching the 2013 National Championship Game, with the Power Rating system correctly nailing the Cardinals as the champion.

We’re back again this year with all of the popular pieces to which readers have become accustomed. You’ll find our annual “Shared Traits of Champions” article, as well as the “Eventual Champion Qualifiers” chart. Those of you who are Platinum Sheet readers will be happy to see that for the fifth straight year we’ve included complete brackets from all four of our Platinum Sheet staff pickers. Those picks are preceded by our strength indicator brackets, each of which again appears on a self-contained bracket. Following our eight brackets is our popular annual “Trend Madness” feature, which breaks down everything you would possibly want to know when it comes to the history of the Tournament. Then we have team-by-team breakdowns, separated into regions, so that you can get a feel for teams’ relative strengths before determining who’s capable of pulling off this year’s big upsets.

While we at StatFox fully know that the past alone doesn’t predict the future, it is our belief that the smart handicapper should arm himself with as much information and data as possible before making the most informed decision. On behalf of all of us at StatFox, we wish you the very best of luck for an enjoyable and profitable 2017 Tournament.

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