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Woody Hayes' punch still resounds 35 years later
By: Staff  Writer - AP
Published: 12/31/2013  at  4:44:35 PM
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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - It's been 35 years, but the almost unthinkable image of an iconic 65-year-old coach cold-cocking an opposing player still lingers and stings.

Many Ohioans can tell you precisely where they were when curmudgeonly Woody Hayes blew his cool publicly for the final time.

As Clemson and Ohio State prepare to meet in the Orange Bowl on Friday, a clip of that indelible moment will undoubtedly be shown. The game marks the first meeting between the teams since Dec. 29, 1978 - when the 28-year, 205-win tenure of the hot-tempered yet beloved Buckeyes coach ended with one roundhouse right to the throat of Clemson linebacker Charlie Bauman.

Despite the years, it's still difficult to fathom how or why it all happened.

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