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Will this NCAA competition be Money Line, Totals, or Sides?
All of the above. Money Line, Totals, & Sides will all be available.

Is there a limit to the amount of games that I play?
No, play as many games as you would like, but you must play a minimum of 15 games and a minimum of 3 days.

What happens if I lose a game, will units be deducted?
Yes, plus there is vig on all losses.
The amounts will be determined by the odds when you make your selection multiplied by the number of units you tried to win.
Note: The number of units you select will be the number of units you are trying to win, i.e. if you are selecting 3 units for a favorite to win on the moneyline and the odds are -300 then you are risking 9 units to win 3.

In the event of a tie what will determine the winner?
If two or more entries have the same amount of UNITS at the end of the specified dates of competition the following procedure will be used to break ties.

  • (ROI) Return on Investment
  • Number of games played
  • More WINNING days

When is the deadline to submit my plays?
The deadline to enter your selections will be 15 minutes before each scheduled tip-off. If the first game you select is at 1pm (EST) then you have until 12:45 to make your selection. (This rule applies to each and every game that you pick; game must be selected 15 minutes before tip-off.)

Can I delete or change a play after I have entered them into the competition?
Yes, you have 15 minutes from when you made your selection to delete it. Once 15 minutes has passed your selection is locked in and can't be changed. Also,you must make this correction within that 15 minute time period before tip-off. (IMPORTANT: If you make your selection at 7:44 for a game that tips-off at 8pm(EST) you have 1 minute to make your correction.)

Will I be able to see other user's selections?
Yes, in that 15-minute window all selections will become visible.

When does the consensus information become available?
Consensus information will be made available (15) minutes before the start of each game.

Which games are included in this competition?
All college games are eligible, including final regular season games, the conference tournaments, the NIT, and the NCAA tournament.

Where do the lines come from?
The lines used in the StatFox KING OF THE DANCE contest come from Pinnacle.

When are the lines available?
The lines are usually available before 10:00 AM EST... Once a line is available that game is open to be selected.

Can I play both sides of a game?
Sure! If you think you can make positive units playing both sides of game, GO FOR IT!

Can I have more than one username in the contest?
No, you may only enter the contest one time. (Anyone trying to enter and/or play more than once will have all of his or her entries disqualified.