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Welcome to StatFox's 2007 NFL Tournament of Champions Contest. This is the third edition of our contest popularized during the 2005 season. This year's contest has some exciting changes in store, not the least of which being more qualifiers for the end of year tournament, and being able to select game totals. So get in on the excitement of the third annual StatFox NFL Tournament of Champions!

After the requests of 2005, we've added 16 new qualifying spots for the end of year Tournament of Champions. This is to mostly to reward season-long consistency by those who failed to qualify by winning any particular week. So, even though any one player can win on any given Sunday in the first 14 weeks of the season, it still pays to participate every week! With exciting prizes awaiting the winners, this is an opportunity you don't want to miss out on this football season. Check it out for yourself! Can you be one of these 32 Tournament of Champions Qualifiers?

  • (14) Top players of the WEEK (Weeks 1-14)
  • (5) Top 5 players with the MOST TOTAL POINTS thru out the season.
  • (1) 1 player with the MOST TOTAL POINTS on 7 STAR selections.
  • (9) Top 9 players with the TOP WIN% (MIN 60 SELECTIONS)
  • (3) Top 3 players with the MOST TOTAL POINTS during WEEK #15.

    NOTE: Since a player can only qualify for the TOC once, if there are still spots remaining, players with the MOST TOTAL POINTS thru out the season will be selected until all 32 spots are filled.

Why else should you play in the StatFox NFL Tournament of Champions?

  • It's FREE
  • It's open to ALL StatFox visitors
  • It's a great chance to compete for bragging rights
  • Excellent Prizes

This ultimate NFL handicapping contest begins September 6th with the start of the 2007 NFL season, so get in on the competition by registering to play.

Grand Prize

1 Year Premium FoxSheets with PS ($749 value)

StatFox.com Pullover ($50 value)
2nd place

3 Month Premium FoxSheets with PS ($336 value)

StatFox.com Pullover ($50 value)
3rd & 4th place

1 Month Premium FoxSheets with PS ($125 value)

StatFox.com Pullover ($50 value)
14 Weekly Winners
NFL Replica Jersey ($75 value)

1 Month Premium FoxSheets with PS ($125 value)
Random Drawing
Everybody who makes 60 selections during the contest will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a 3 Month Premium FoxSheets with PS subscription.

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